Prodigy Tour Dates

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Since The Prodigy are playing Lollapalooza this year, I've decided to offer all you great people some tour dates. Here they are. All of the Ticket sales come via Ticketmaster. These dates are not final, the stupid people at Lolla may still change them, I'll try to keep this updated as frequently as possible. There are also a lot more tour dates so don't overlook them you fool.

Date Location Ticket sale?
7/20 Columbus, OH at Polaris Ampitheatre not online
7/22 Cincinatti, OH at Riverbend Ampitheatre here
7/23 Indianapolis, IN at Deer Creek here
7/29 Kansas City, KS at Sandstone Ampitheatre not online
7/30 Saint Louis, MO at Riverport Ampitheatre not online
7/31 Nashville, TN at Starwood Amptheatre here
8/2 Dallas TX at Starplex Ampitheatre not online
8/3 Corpus Christy TX at Texas Sky Park not online
8/6 Phoenix, AZ at Desert Sky Ampitheatre here
8/10 Denver CO at Fiddlers Green Ampitheatre not online

Date Location
7/1 Danube Island Festival, Vienna, Austria
7/2 Imperial Festival, Oporto Portugal
7/5 Tourhout Festival, Tourhout Belgium
7/6 Werchter Festival, Werchter Belgium
7/7 Return
7/13 Green Festval, Sweden
7/20 Polaris Lollapalooza, USA
7/22 Riverbend, Cincinatti USA
7/24 Travel To Tokyo
7/27 Fuji Rock Festival
8/2 Starplex Dallas USA
8/3 Southpark Meadows, Austin USA
8/8 Wolf Mountain, Salt Lake City USA
8/10 Fiddlers Green USA
8/16 V97 Festival- Leeds
8/17 V97 Festival- Chelmsford
8/23 Irvine Beach Festival, Scotland
8/24 Thurles Festval, Ireland
8/29 Ballatines Urban High, France, Spain, Scandinavia

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