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Welcome to the ACiD HoUsE. There will be a lot more stuff coming sson, I am just getting started. I hope you find all of the information you are seeking at this page. If you have something funny to say or some stupid stuff please mail me. Also mail me if you know something I don't or you want to send me a cool pic or something like that.
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the fat of the land Well, now that The Fat Of The Land is out why the Hell don't you have it? What's wrong with you, go away. But if I was wrong and you did get it I apologize. Anyways it's #1 in 22 countries now, I believe. The Prodigy will play Lollapalooza this year and I am planning to go. Other stuff: A new single might be coming out, there are rumors of"Smack my bitch up"(a great track) and"Fuel My Fire." Oh Yeah, Keith will actually NOT play in a horror movie, "Horror Avenue."
The Fat Of The Land - "***1/2"- Rolling Stone

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